Free Essential IM Tools List

A great IM tools resource from Doug Nicol. He’s giving away a 38 page PDF report of tools and services for the internet marketer. The subtitle of his report is: “The Only Tools and Services You Need to Run an Insanely Profitable online Business.”

Doug’s a member of the Warrior Forum and his member name is Linx99.

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Free eBook Templates and Photoshop Action Scripts

This is a fantastic free offer from Mark Monciardini. He’s giving away 3 Photoshop Action Scripts that help you to create great looking eBook covers.

It comes with some example PSD files as well as a stock template which makes it easy to modify.

You just lay out a flat cover and spine and the script will do the rest. It’s fun to watch it in action!

Mark’s a member of the Warrior Forum and his member name is Mark Monciardini.

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200 Free PLR Articles From Underground PLR

200 Free PLR Articles from Mike Liebner’s Underground PLR which is the exclusive store for previous PLR articles from Article Underground.

These articles are all written to Mike’s specifications so they are very keyword focused.

This set of free 200 PLR articles cover a diverse range of topics. Here are just a few of the article titles:

acoustic guitars
backyard landscape design
bedding for children
beef jerky
dog gift baskets
female bodybuilding
money saving tips
palm desert vacation
planning a vegetable garden
sweet almonds
wedding cake designs

A lot of great article niches that you can rewrite and use for blog postings and article marketing.

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Free Keyword Research Video and More From Blogging Underground

A great 42 minute video on how to do keyword research for writing articles the Blogging Underground way from Mike Liebner.

In addition to the keyword video Mike has also included 5 other freebies in this giant 254 MB download.

* Outsourcing Secrets

* 107 Terms for New Marketers

* Adsense Profits Unleashed

* Niche Pay Per Click Empire

* PLR for Newbies

I found the keyword research training video to be very enlightening and Mike does a great job of explaining how to pick the right profitable keywords and use them in articles that you post on your site to get high rankings.

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Free 50 Ways To Get Website Traffic

Here’s a nice report listing 50 different ways to get website traffic. I found a lot of great gems in the list — stuff I either didn’t think about or just techniques that I needed some reminding.

In addition to this report you also get 50 Ways To Stay Productive as well as a re-brander software utility so you can give out the report with your affiliate links. Nice!

These two reports and the re-brander are courtesy of Warrior Forum member smplylvn.

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Free Adsense Blueprint and Adsense Mindmap

If you are new to Adsense or just struggling with the basics, then here are a couple of great free PDFs that explains it all in a very easy-to-understand manner. Courtesy of Warrior Forum member Vagabond 007.

The Adsense Blueprint lays out all the major steps involved with making money with Adsense. Everything from where to host your domain to how to do competitive analysis. Lots of links to tools and sites to help you create recurring income from Adsense.

The Adsense Mindmap gives a nice snapshot of the pieces of the Adsense pie, so to speak. It describes in a quick and easy way what steps to follow for finding niches, creating your site, and finally building backlinks.

I think these two free PDFs are about the best guides I’ve seen describing the steps required to build Adsense sites.

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10 Free Mobile DJ PLR Articles

If you are building a site dealing with being a mobile DJ, then here are 10 totally free PLR articles from Warrior Forum member reubenrock.

These 10 very well-written PLR articles include the following topics:

* Who Can Start A Mobile DJ Business?
* Starting a Mobile DJ Business From Scratch
* How To Start A Mobile DJ Business
* Creating Mobile DJ Business Cards That Work
* What Do I Need To Start A DJ Business?
* Tips For Choosing Your DJ Amplifier
* Marketing Your Mobile DJ Business With Zero Budget
* How to Choose the Perfect Mobile DJ Equipment
* Do’s and Don’ts While DJing a Wedding
* Customer Testimonials For Your Mobile DJ Business

If you like the articles then you can consider joining the affiliate program listed on his home page.

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Free How To Make $100 A Day Report

A great report showing the steps to making $100 a day by Warrior Forum member Nick Stewart.

In this report Nick discusses in very good detail two specific methos for generating $100 a day. 1) ghost writing and 2) niche marketing.

What I like about the report is that Nick really goes the extra mile and covers a lot of little details that might confuse someone new to internet marketing. Here are just a few sample topics that Nick covers in his $100 a Day report:

* Looking at the competition
* Buying a domain
* Hosting a domain
* Setting up a WordPress blog
* Getting traffic to your site
* Outsourcing

This particular report is totally free and no opt in is required. However, if you like this report you can choose to opt in to get other $100 a Day reports from him.

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Free 101 Traffic Tips

A very informative PDF report from Laurie Kristensen that lists 101 ways to increase site visitors and sales.

In addition to discussing some of our favorite traffic generating strategies like article marketing and blog posting, Laurie provides valuable links to reference sites and resources such as article directories, forums, and press release sites.

While geared primarily toward the beginning internet marketer, I think it has a few nice tips that even a seasoned IM pro might find useful.

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Free Personal Development eBooks

White Dove Books has probably the largest number of both free and brandable eBooks on the internet. Most of the books focus on personal development, self growth and motivation.

According the website, it has “Over 50,000 pages of Inspiration including Free eBooks, Articles, Essays, Videos, Resources and Downloads!”

Topics include:

  • Personal Development
  • Hypnosis
  • Goals
  • Abundance
  • Leadership
  • Weight Loss
  • Self Help
  • Life Lessons
  • NLP
  • Personal Image
  • Law of Attraction
  • Health & Fitness
  • Making Money
  • Free Books
  • Inspiration

Be sure to visit White Dove Books. It’s a treasure trove of great eBooks for both personal use and rebranding.