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Free 50 Ways To Get Website Traffic

Here’s a nice report listing 50 different ways to get website traffic. I found a lot of great gems in the list — stuff I either didn’t think about or just techniques that I needed some reminding.

In addition to this report you also get 50 Ways To Stay Productive as well as a re-brander software utility so you can give out the report with your affiliate links. Nice!

These two reports and the re-brander are courtesy of Warrior Forum member smplylvn.

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5 Free PLR Articles – Variety Pack

Here’s a nice set of 5 free PLR articles from Warrior Forum member Karen Connell (Dhrousha).

She has a cross section of articles in her free PLR pack, including animal acupuncture, weight loss, and motivation.

Her services include both limited quantity PLR articles as well as writing one-of-a-kind original articles.

She even offers a money back guarantee if she doesn’t deliver the articles on time. That’s always a pleasant bonus! :)

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5 Free Private-Label Finance and Budget Articles

Here are the topics covered in this Finance and Budget PLR Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

* How to Create a Family Budget
* Credit Repair Tips
* Debt Management Help
* Frugal Family Outings
* Every Little Bit of Savings Adds Up

The articles offer some good money tips and information for managing your budget, spending, and credit.

One of the articles has a nice list of inexpensive family activities. A good reminder that you don’t have to break the bank in order to spend some quality time with your spouse and / or kids.

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5 Free Private-Label Craft Articles

Here are the topics covered in this Craft PLR Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

* Crafting Family Time
* Make Homemade Soap
* Mother’s Day Crafts
* Scrapbooking for Beginners
* Toddler Craft Ideas

These 5 articles cover some very fun craft ideas and you’ll be impressed by the high quality of the writing, especially since Alice is offering these 5 articles for free.

She also offers a VERY affordable complete craft content package with 15 more craft articles so be sure to check it out if you like her writing style.

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5 Free Private-Label Health Articles

Here are the topics covered in this PLR Health Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

Effective Steps for Managing Anxiety
Five Easy Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
How to Overcome Emotional Eating
The Power of Antioxidants
Top 10 Power-Packed Foods

These health PLR articles are well-written and informative, with a good amount of health related LSI terms.

You could rewrite these and offer them as a group or even as a short series for an autoresponder if you have a health newsletter.

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Sales Page Website Template

A generic and simple template that could be used as a base for putting up a new sales page. From Warrior Forum member aseltz.

The template has a shadowed white page on a white background, giving it a very clean look.

The layout has the following elements:

  • teaser
  • headline
  • subheading
  • body text
  • rounded inset box for testimonials

Overall a nice sales page template that looks professional and is easy to customize.

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Sunset Sales Page

Sales page template with sunset graphics from Warrior Forum member Lynn Stivers.

This sunset template would be good for a travel or vacation website.

The template includes a header, footer, optin box, order form button, and ebook cover. Best of all, the free package includes all the PSD files so you can modify all the graphics.

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5 Free Private-Label Travel Articles

Here are the topics covered in this PLR Travel Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

* Best Family Beach Vacations
* Family Camping Fun
* Romantic Weekend Getaways
* Time for a Family Road Trip
* Top 5 Kid-Friendly Destinations

The writing style is clean and easy to read. It has very informative content, without a lot of bland filler that you sometimes see in other PLR articles.

This PLR travel pack also includes a suggested ClickBank affiliate product that you can promote. All you need to do is add your own ClickBank affiliate ID and you’re all set.

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