Free Adsense Blueprint and Adsense Mindmap

If you are new to Adsense or just struggling with the basics, then here are a couple of great free PDFs that explains it all in a very easy-to-understand manner. Courtesy of Warrior Forum member Vagabond 007.

The Adsense Blueprint lays out all the major steps involved with making money with Adsense. Everything from where to host your domain to how to do competitive analysis. Lots of links to tools and sites to help you create recurring income from Adsense.

The Adsense Mindmap gives a nice snapshot of the pieces of the Adsense pie, so to speak. It describes in a quick and easy way what steps to follow for finding niches, creating your site, and finally building backlinks.

I think these two free PDFs are about the best guides I’ve seen describing the steps required to build Adsense sites.

Home Page | Download Link – Adsense Blueprint | Download Link – Adsense Mindmap

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