5 Free PLR Articles – Variety Pack

Here’s a nice set of 5 free PLR articles from Warrior Forum member Karen Connell (Dhrousha).

She has a cross section of articles in her free PLR pack, including animal acupuncture, weight loss, and motivation.

Her services include both limited quantity PLR articles as well as writing one-of-a-kind original articles.

She even offers a money back guarantee if she doesn’t deliver the articles on time. That’s always a pleasant bonus! :)

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Free 7 Days To PLR Profits eBook

Here’s a great 48-page eBook by JayKay Bak – “The Unselfish Marketer” and offered on one of Mike Liebner’s sites. Normally the book sells for $37 although you can get it for free and with no opt in required!

The eBook gives a comprehensive 7 day plan for making money from PLR products and includes such topics as:

  • Recommended PLR resources
  • Keyword research
  • Creating the product
  • Setting up your site
  • Creating and publishing your webpages
  • Your ‘squeeze’ page
  • Driving fast traffic
  • Find affiliates
  • Paid advertising
  • Start a blog
  • Get Digging and Stumbling
  • Setting up a forum

Be sure to check out some of Mike’s other links that come with the free eBook.

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Twitter Tools and Plugins for WordPress

A short 10 page report from Cary Ganz describing several very useful Twitter plugins for WordPress.

Also included in the report are some interesting Twitter tools that can help you do traffic and niche keyword research.

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5 Free Private-Label Finance and Budget Articles

Here are the topics covered in this Finance and Budget PLR Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

* How to Create a Family Budget
* Credit Repair Tips
* Debt Management Help
* Frugal Family Outings
* Every Little Bit of Savings Adds Up

The articles offer some good money tips and information for managing your budget, spending, and credit.

One of the articles has a nice list of inexpensive family activities. A good reminder that you don’t have to break the bank in order to spend some quality time with your spouse and / or kids.

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Free Website Disclaimer Generator

Get a free disclaimer for your website created. This easy-to-use disclaimer generator has sections on:

  • Copyright, Licenses and Idea Submissions
  • Trademarks
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Indemnification

You can tweak the wording of the disclaimer as you see fit. Overall the disclaimer looks quite professional.

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Free Fat Loss Quickie Motivation Report

A 124 page eBook on losing fat. Author Scott Tousignant says you can share the eBook with family and friends.

The eBook is a series of motivational and instructional tips designed to eliminate excuses and provide guidance toward reaching your weight loss goals.

The report is divided into three chapters:

  • Say Goodbye To Your Bad Habits And Flabby Stomach!
  • Say Hello To Your Good Habits And Your Flat Tummy!
  • Making It Stick!

In each chapter are tips such as:

  • Laser Focus
  • Get Your Butt Moving And Get More Energy!
  • Find Your Driving Force!
  • Be Passionate About Your Goal!
  • Believe That You Can Have The Body Of Your Dreams!

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Free Terms of Service Generators

A nice Terms of Service and Privacy Policy combo generator from Bennadel.com. Just add your company name and state. The generator does the rest.

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy generated includes these sections:

  • Terms
  • Use License
  • Disclaimer
  • Limitations
  • Revisions and Errata
  • Links
  • Site Terms of Use Modifications
  • Governing Law
  • Privacy Policy

You also get an HTML version of document so that you can easily cut and paste it onto your website.

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Free Privacy Policy Generators

Here’s a simple privacy policy from SerpRank that takes into consideration other partner sites such as Google Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon, etc.

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The FreePrivacyPolicy site has a very professional privacy policy template and although you can have it sent it to you via email, you can also look at the questions and their sample privacy policy to create your own. A little more work to do it manually, although in that sense it still qualifies as a No Opt In Required.

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5 Free Private-Label Craft Articles

Here are the topics covered in this Craft PLR Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

* Crafting Family Time
* Make Homemade Soap
* Mother’s Day Crafts
* Scrapbooking for Beginners
* Toddler Craft Ideas

These 5 articles cover some very fun craft ideas and you’ll be impressed by the high quality of the writing, especially since Alice is offering these 5 articles for free.

She also offers a VERY affordable complete craft content package with 15 more craft articles so be sure to check it out if you like her writing style.

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5 Free Private-Label Health Articles

Here are the topics covered in this PLR Health Pack from Warrior Forum member Alice Seba.

Effective Steps for Managing Anxiety
Five Easy Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
How to Overcome Emotional Eating
The Power of Antioxidants
Top 10 Power-Packed Foods

These health PLR articles are well-written and informative, with a good amount of health related LSI terms.

You could rewrite these and offer them as a group or even as a short series for an autoresponder if you have a health newsletter.

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